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Development Training

Development Training


Humanity as the origin-innovation and development of rigidity and flexibility

Human resources are valuable resources of the company. People are one of the active and creative factors in a company. To a large extent the company's success depends on the success of human resource management. Human resources can be transformed into human capital through allocation, training, incentives and development. It is the company’s core competitiveness just like currency capital and material capital. Through nearly 30 years of development, the company has formed the core values ​​of human resources management of "humanity-oriented, innovation and development of rigidity and flexibility". Based on the basic principles of "ethics, ability, diligence, and performance", the company has established a scientific Perfect human resources "selection, cultivation, use and retention" policies and procedures.

Talent concept: The selection of talents takes "openness, fairness, justice, selection of the best, and selection of the right" as the guiding ideology, and adheres to the selection concept of "one product, two talents, three appearances, competitive selection, and job placement".

Educational concept: "Talents are the foundation of a strong enterprise, and the enterprise is the boat of talents". To achieve the common growth of enterprises and talents, a complete training mechanism is indispensable, combined with the company’s strategic development needs, to conduct systematic and planned training for employees. Advocate lifelong learning, and enhance future market competitiveness through the cultivation of innovative professional talents.

The concept of using talents: first stage and then challenge, trust but not laissez-faire", Ceylon people absorb all kinds of talents without sticking to one pattern, while adhering to a flexible and reasonable competition mechanism, they can use all directions and wisdom to absorb all the rivers, and build a full display platform for talents. The development arena, regardless of seniority, meritocracy, combining authorization and supervision.

The concept of keeping people: the environment attracts people, and the treatment keeps people”, we advocate “the capable people enjoy their jobs, those who have achievements enjoy their benefits, and those who make merits enjoy their shares”, and establish a result-oriented distribution system and value evaluation system. A good salary system retains talents, stimulates employee value, and ensures the sustainable operation and sustainable development of the company.



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