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Design and Application of Co-directional Stranded Soft Copper Conductor

Using the same design method of strand twisting and multiple twisting, twisting the fifth and sixth soft copper conductors, for conductors of the same cross-section, the DC resistance and copper consumption of the conductors can be appropriately reduced, and the conductor's DC resistance and copper consumption can be appropriately reduced. The roundness and surface quality of the stranded conductor surface, and reduce the stranded outer diameter of the conductor. A comprehensive comparative analysis of the electrical properties of ordinary stranded conductors used for high-voltage flexible cable conductors, it is believed that such conductors can make the electric field on the conductor surface uniform, which is beneficial to improve the comprehensive electrical properties of high-voltage rubber-sheathed cables. Key: Co-directional stranded soft copper conductor; DC resistance; roundness; surface quality; stranded outer diameter; uniform electric field as the conductor of the flexible cable. At present, the fifth and third types specified in GB/T 3956-2008 are mainly used in China. 6 structures. Both of these conductors are used as conductive cores for wire and cable products for mobile applications. Regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign, the stranding methods of these two conductors basically adopt first stranding into strands, and then stranding multiple strands into conductors, but the strand stranding and multiple stranding are in opposite directions. Due to the twisting twice, the resistance value of the conductor has increased to a certain extent compared with the solid conductor.
12 2021/11

Comparison of processing performance of oxygen-free copper rod and low-oxygen copper rod

There are many manufacturing methods for continuous-rolled low-oxygen copper rods. The main processing requirements for copper rods in common downstream processes are SCR, Properzi, and Contirrod. In shaft furnace (individually adopt electric furnace performance and surface quality.
12 2021/11

Bare copper wire, tinned wire: non-ferrous metal industry adjustment and revitalization plan

The non-ferrous metal industry is an important basic raw material industry with a wide variety of products, a wide range of applications, and a high degree of industrial relevance. It plays an important role in economic construction, national defense construction, social development, and stable employment. In order to cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, implement the overall requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting the structure, ensuring the stable operation of the non-ferrous metal industry, accelerating industrial restructuring, and promoting industrial upgrading. This plan is specially formulated as a non-ferrous metal Action plan for comprehensive industrial response measures. The planning period is 2009-2011.
21 2021/10

Zhengzhou Hengtian Copper Co., Ltd. China's copper market price inversion may continue

Since May 9th, China's copper price for immediate delivery has been higher than that for forward delivery. This price structure may continue due to declining imports. The manager of an international trading company in Shanghai said that the price inversion indicates that the supply is limited in the near future. China's refined copper imports in June fell to a 10-month low level due to shrinking demand.
12 2021/11
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