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  • In 2021

    Hengtian Copper Co., Ltd. adheres to the humanistic concept of “retaining people by treatment, paying attention to emotions, and keeping the soul in the career”, optimizes the harmonious team of “integrity, efficiency, enterprising, and innovation”, keeps pace with the times, and sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to cooperate and achieve a win-win situation. Seek development

  • In 2015

    As an earlier and larger copper processing enterprise in the wire and cable industry in the central region, the company’s products serve the five major industries of wire and cable, automotive wire, electronic appliances, shipbuilding and aerospace manufacturing. Nickel, silver-plated single wire, stranded conductor and alloy conductor. Wire and cable products are widely used in power transmission, transportation, energy, petrochemical and other industries as well as urban construction and other fields. They are sold throughout the country and are trusted and praised by users.

  • In 2010

    The company is headquartered in Xinzheng Xingang Industrial Park, Zhengzhou. The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters, with a construction area of 25,000 square meters and fixed assets of 280 million yuan. There are more than 200 sets (sets) of main production equipment, more than 50 sets (sets) of measurement and testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of more than 2 billion. The company has advanced production and testing equipment and a high-quality production management team, committed to the system research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of materials and products in the wire and cable industry

  • In 2004

    Founded in 2004, the company took the lead in passing ISO9001 international quality management system certification and SGS environmental protection international certification. The products have obtained China National Compulsory Product Certification (CCC certification), production license, fire protection product license for flame retardant and environmental protection products. A number of certifications, including the nationwide urban and rural power grid transformation, government procurement recommendation, and material procurement supplier

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